KEMPA WANTED | 2018 | New Released Hindi Dubbed South Movies | Latest South Indian Movie Full HD

Star Cast:-Santosh, Thanushika, Avinash, Pratap, Lucky Shankar, Shivu, Ragaranga, Ruchita, Pragana, Shakila,
Producer:-Ajit A. Joshi
Singer:-Vikky, Sonali, Daliya
Lyrics:- Sanjay Kabir
D.O.P. (Camera Man):-

The story is set on the backdrop of Gopinatham village where Kempa (Santosh) is living with his sister Pragnya (Nayana) and his life changes when the STF forces who arrive there in the search for Veerappan end up killing her. Kempa is out to seek revenge and in no time kills the three STF guys who did it. He leaves the village and comes to Bangalore and given his nature and daring approach, he soon gets a name in the underworld since he ends up killing Reddy, the most wanted don in the southern part. Soon, Kempa becomes the crowned king of underworld despite his reluctance. As fate would have it, he chances upon Bindhu (Tanushika) who is the daughter of a prostitute (Shakeela) and she falls in love with him. However, Kempa is careful and is in the fear of losing her. Finally, he gives up and both of them begin to enjoy the breeze of romance. However, Kempa’s main man Shetty (Avinash) waits for the right chance and attacks the don leaving Kempa severely wounded with bullets. Fate comes into play and Kempa finds himself in Mysore as a corporation worker after recovering from the injuries. Much to his shock, he also finds Bindhu who becomes a beggar, loses her mind and on top of it, she is pregnant.

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